Better Late Than Never, grab the opportunity to get that much needed business planning and goal setting done and get on track!

No more operating blind! 

  • Make sensible informed decisions backed by the numbers

  • Know exactly where your at and how your doing

  • Don't get taken out by surprises 

  • Paint the map to know how to get to your why

Come and join us for one of our strategic planning sessions and plan to achieve your business goals. 

There is no catch, we truly believe that every business owner should be creating a budget, risk planning and goal setting at the beginning of every year to make informed decisions, track growth and stay accountable to achieving business goals.

So, we are offering for $250 to help you create a plan and teach you how to stay on track.

This offer is for business owners in the Bay of Plenty - 

We will be in Tauranga on the 7th, Rotorua on the 14th and Whakatane on the 21st  July 2021. 

These sessions will be structured into timeslots, one business owner per timeslot, so every business owner gets a one on one strategic planning session for 1.5 hours with a member from the Our Head Office team. 

12-Month Budget

You will receive a basic 12 month budget for you to run alongside your actuals. We will also teach you how to create your own in-depth budgets so you never lose track of where the money is coming in and going out of your  business.

Goal Setting

We will discuss and map out your long term goals over 5 years , creating an easy to follow plan to set you in motion to grow your business.

 Risk Planning

We will discuss and look at what potential financial risks your business might have and how they could impact you. You will leave with a  plan that shows what your business needs to trade in a secure position.


The bite by bite stages of how to achieve your goals year by year. The stepping stones up to your growth. Reminding you to stay on track and letting you know when your off path.

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